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District Grand Prefect

R. W. Bro. Thomas Frederick Auber

District Grand PrefectWelcome to the Website of the Allied Masonic Degrees in East Anglia                                                                                                   .

As a Mason, and having progressed through the Craft, the degree of Mark Master Mason and the Royal Arch, to a point where you are now considering your next step in your Masonic career, the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees is one of these that is open to you.

Having learnt that each Masonic step teaches a new lesson in our relationship with our Great Overseer, God, with ourselves and with our fellow men, the five Allied degrees, together with the installation ceremony, will likewise add new lessons to your store of Masonic knowledge and increase the pleasure to be derived from your Masonry in general.

These five separate and beautiful degrees, which are usually taken over a period of two years, are outlined within this website.

The Allied District of East Anglia covers the Masonic provinces of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, with Councils as far apart as Sheringham, Stowmarket, Newmarket, Diss, March and Woodbridge, we also have a peripatetic daylight Allied Stand at Mark Provincial Grand Meeting 2014Council (Peregrination, meeting at Lowestoft, Southwold and Great Yarmouth), with a breakfast festive board preceding the meeting.






I very much hope that you will decide to join what is one of the fastest growing orders in Freemasonry. If you do, then please contact your nearest Council secretary and he will be delighted to make the necessary arrangements.

The site has been designed to give information about Allied Masonry in general and the District of East Anglia in particular, its structure gives details of where and when the individual Councils within the District meet.

If further information is required the contact page gives e-mail access to the District/Council administrators, whereby individual requests or comments can be answered/addressed. The photo to the right shows the Allied Stand at the Mark Provincial Grand Meeting held at Suffolk One in 2014.

Members of the Order can access certain details held on the District database and download information and files appertaining to the administration of the District, by entering the username and password that has been communicated to them.